New Single Warmth

We’ve been working on our EP for quite some time now and the first taste of it is finally here!! The single is called Warmth, which is also what the EP is titled. We recorded this at a studio in Chicago called Chrome Attic. It was produced by Jonathan Alvin (Dr. Manhattan) and Gabe Liebowitz, and mixed by Sean O’Keefe (Fall Out Boy, Plain White Tees). Like we said, It’s been a long time coming for this release and we’re just extremely excited to see what everyone thinks! If you like it, download it and tell your friends 🙂


Warmth Single Soon


We will be releasing our new single in about a week or two, but here’s little taste of the artwork to maybe curb your appetite. We can’t wait to show you all.

The Latest Happenings

It’s been almost 2 years since the release of our first EP, and we’ve made a lot of changes since then. We’ve been through almost two line ups in the band and now the group feels right. Our drummer Wolfgang Wilken left last December and our bassist Wes Moore followed suit. It wasn’t any personal issues, just artistic differences. Now we have a new drummer named Zach Brashear, who we love, and we’re soon to have a new bassist. This next record, though it will only be 5 songs, has been two years in the making. We’re just now wrapping up the last bits of production and it’s finally the way it should be. Perfection isn’t key for us but we wanted something we could listen to ourselves and enjoy. It’s all about fun for us and we’re finally on the verge of something really enjoyable!! Anyways, if you haven’t heard of us or haven’t heard our music before, please take a listen to our previous EP while waiting for the newest one to be released at the end of the summer. We’ve been inactive for a while but that’s only because we’ve been hard at work! Thank you everyone who follows this website, it means a lot to us knowing we have people we can share our music with!


P.S.- this is the link to the last EP.


Grant Park

Air Tight is playing a show at the Columbia College Chicago New Student Convocation in Grant Park on August 30th! If you’re around then, feel free to stop by! We’ll be selling merchandise and CD’s there as well.

Air Tight at The Congress Theater

Alex at The Butcher Shop

Alex at The Butcher Shop

Tiny Drums

Tiny Drums

Painted High Five

Painted High Five

Alex at His Studio

Alex at His Studio

The Moores

The Moores